Make Money

There are no less than 3 unique and powerful ways to make money with MPT Max. Some of your income will come from being an active sponsor building your own business, some will derive from your own trading activity, and the third from monthly Autoship subscriptions.

At MPT Max, you benefit from a residual income - for life.

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With the subscription package containing market reports and trading signals, it will be easier than ever before to make a profit from trading currencies on the MPT Max WebTrader platform.

Each time you close a profitable trade, you will see your earnings go straight into your trading account, leaving you more money to trade with.

Trading currencies can be highly profitable if you protect your trades and limit any potential losses!

How Autoship Works

At the beginning of each month, the subscription fee of €60 will be automatically deducted from your trading account. If you have done 12 or more trades in the previous month though, no fee will be calculated or withdrawn.

If the fee is applicable and you have less than €60 in your trading account at the beginning of the month, no fee will be withdrawn, and you will not receive any commission on trading or bonuses from your network that month, and neither will you receive commission on Autoship.

If you add funds later to your account in a month where Autoship should have been paid but had not been due to a lack of funds, Autoship will not be withdrawn for that particular month, and you will not receive any of the materials in your Autoship subscription, such as the trading signals and market reports.

Trading spot forex involves risk, and you should only trade with money you can afford to put at risk. Your risk is strictly limited to how much you have in your account. Before investing in spot forex trading you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite.