At MPT Max we have two types of customers (Clients and Ambassadors). Everyone that opens and funds a live account automatically becomes a client regardless of which account type is selected.

To become an Ambassador, and start earning up to three times as much, you need to have a network with at least one client in it. To do this, you can either sponsor someone yourself, or the new client could be sponsored and placed in your network by another ambassador.

Becoming an Ambassador

As soon as you have one person in your network, you will receive an email confirming your upgrade to Ambassador status, along with a link to get your own Ambassador website. Just click on the link in this email to choose the name you’d like for your new website, and then we will confirm by email when this has been created for you.

A typical Ambassador website might look like this:

Working as an Ambassador

Business Meetings & Presentations

To help you grow your business, you can arrange in-person meetings and presentations to promote MPT Max. Initially, you will be required to pay for the meeting rooms and any other costs associated with your meetings, but MPT Max may reimburse you for these costs (if previously agreed between us), once you have recruited at least one new client, and have upgraded to Ambassador status.

You are free to promote these meetings via email, Twitter, Facebook, any way you wish.


These can be arranged, presented and promoted by you (in cooperation with MPT Max), and, if agreed, MPT Max will pay the costs of the webinar software and licenses. The webinar software to be used is licensed by MPT Max, and is free for you to use once you have been approved as a webinar holder. To apply to become a webinar holder, just email

The Next Steps

If you haven’t already upgraded to Ambassador, remember all you need to do is sponsor at least one new client, either by yourself or by someone in your upline sponsoring them for you.

Once you’ve done this, you can increase your earning potential by up to three times as an Ambassador.

And remember, you can promote your business meetings, presentations and webinars via email, Facebook, Twitter, anywhere!

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