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Are you a Client or an Ambassador?

When you join MPT Max you start as a client, which gives you full access to the spot forex market via our web-based trading platform or iOS app. But if you want to receive commission by recruiting other people and growing your network, become an Ambassador.

Check out our commission plan to see how much you could earn as you grow your own business while being an active Ambassador of MPT Max.

As soon as you have one person in your own network (sponsored by you or anyone else), you will be automatically upgraded to Ambassador status.

What is an Ambassador?

Ambassadors are driven to succeed! Only as an Ambassador can you triple your income potential: earning money from trading, networking and monthly training package fees (Autoship).


Get free advice, and possibly funding for your business-building meetings.

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Arrange and promote your own webinars for free if you qualify!

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Your Own Website

As an Ambassador, you get your own website to promote your business!

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Your Counterpart

Williams Corporation Ltd (your counterpart for all trading activity with MPT Max) is not registered in the European Economic Area, which means that it is each individual’s responsibility to check whether any form of license is required to operate as an Ambassador to MPT Max in your country.

Welcome Bonus

This bonus is only valid the first time you fund your account. It is not awarded for any subsequent fundings.

Get Your Bonus

Just select an account type, complete the form and fund your account to receive your welcome bonus.  

Spend Your Bonus

Before your first withdrawal, you need to close 20 trades per €100 bonus: Silver - 24 trades OR Gold - 120 trades.


Trading spot forex involves risk, and you should only trade with money you can afford to put at risk. Your risk is strictly limited to how much you have in your account. Before investing in spot forex trading you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite.